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The WorkHouse Single Mothers Homeworking Group

At the WorkHouse Single Mothers Homeworking Group we mentor young mothers to financial freedom. We teach you how to work from home and make money online with our free affiliate mentoring program. Our simple but ingenious formula will mentor you all the way from creating a simple social media banner to running your own successful video marketing agency. The future of the internet will be interactive video shopping and you can take advantage of the coming boom. If you ever wanted to work from home and make money online we can help you. We will mentor you all the way to becoming a successful video creator in time to take advantage of this opportunity.

Run Your OWN Thumbnail Design & Rental Service

MAKE SERIOUS MONEY MAKING SIMPLE THUMBNAIL PICTURES!! We will show you how to make simple pictures that can make you serious money. We will teach you how to create Your OWN YouTube Thumbnail Design & Rental Service. You will be amazed at the power that a simple thumbnail picture has, more importantly you will be astonished at the money these simple pictures can generate for you. The most important thing any YouTube video needs is an eye-catching thumbnail. Thumbnails are like baited hooks they are the first thing that catch a browser's attention. Vlad & Stoica will teach you how to create attention-grabbing thumbnails In 3 clicks with the world’s only A.I. thumbnail creation software. When you have created your thumbnails they will teach you how to rank your thumbnails on Google page1 using Video Marketing Blaster and make a substantial recurring monthly income renting them out.

Run Your Own Meta Mates Video Advertising Agency

Run Your Own Meta Mates Video Advertising Agency Paul Ponna’s range of video creation products allow you to create unlimited world-class videos. Paul’s range of video production software will turn Your Ideas into money by creating video adverts, explainer videos, sales videos, avatar videos, spokesperson videos and much, much, more. The training is excellent and soon YOU will be creating world-class videos. Eventually creating interactive shopping videos that sell directly on Google’s search and the Shoppertainment Network. You can create extra income as an affiliate promoting – Video Creator This is only a sample of the amazing tools that you will have at hand

My Meta Mates

Iain MacSween Founder of Ultimate Affiliate Club, & The BillBoard Network has created a video advertising platform for budding entrepreneurs and start up video marketing companies. By using his mentoring methods & software recommendations, you can start your own online video creation and advertising agency.

Iain MacSween


Paul Ponna, online marketing expert, author, speaker and coach Paul will teach you how to create amazing videos, train you on the use of his video creation programs and pass insider secrets on how to run and market your video agency. You can make extra recurring income as an affiliate promoting Pauls range of products

Paul Ponna


Vlad is an genius coder and has been described as the “loophole finder” because of his YouTube expertise and for finding hundreds of methods to profit from the YouTube algorithms. For the past few years, this team have created many great digital products such as Live Event Blaster, Lingo Blaster, etc.

Vlad D

Stoica. has been an online marketer and software developer for over 10 years now, with multiple 6 figure launches and webinar promos. Thumbnail Blaster creator software is an AMAZING product by Stoica and Vlad. Stoica specializes in building, managing, and scaling businesses and finding profit and opportunities where others fail.


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